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Division of Swanson Sales Consulting, Inc.
DBA Webco Security

Almost 7,000 Nebraska and Iowa Customers.
Ideal Residential / Small Business Surveillance System.

$1495.00 for 2 Camera System includes Installation.
90 days Parts and Labor

Extended Maintenance 36 months ($45.00 Trip Fee + Parts)
Lease option plans available -
Very affordable, up to 48 months.

Off Premise viewing...with high speed internet access
and Smartphone, includes iPhone, iPad, and Android.

See instantly what's happening day or night from
 anywhere in your service coverage.


Just Imagine....
       How much peace of mind you'll have.

* See who's coming up the drive-way.

* See when the kids get home and that they are safe.
 (Doing homework or playing video games).

* Keep an eye on a loved one so you know they are safe.

* See who is at the front door without having
to go near the door.

* See if there is anyone in the pool or backyard
that shouldn't be there.

* View the babys room, or any room a camera is installed. 
Just select and view any time! 24/7!

* View pet activity.

* Interior Nanny Camera.

* Show your friends and co-workers your garden
you worked on all weekend.

The advantages are endless!!!

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